My passion is simple : Making sure you don’t quit your calling.

Coaches need coaches—in fact, everyone needs the kind of supportive mentorship that sheds light on your blind spots and helps you chart your course toward sustainable success.


It’s time to be your best self , so you can help your clients do the same.

You’re ready to build a successful, profitable business—but, too often, mental roadblocks and mind-boggling questions of “what if?” and “where do I start?” hold us back from the big dreams we have for our lives & careers.

Most coaching for coaches focuses specifically on coaching (which you already know how to do) or sets its sights on marketing, skipping over the most important foundational steps to building a business.

I’ll help you overcome the mental roadblocks, doubts, and fears that hold you back to get past the shiny-object phase of starting a business and follow a step-by-step process to create a coaching career that’s equal parts fulfilling & profitable.

you might have to close your doors for lack of funds, creating a passion project that simply  doesn't connect with the right audience …


but if you focus only on the goal line...

you might sell out by creating the same offer as everyone else to get by, and what lacks your soul's secret sauce rarely has the juice to fill bank accounts not to mention your heart … 


if you build purely from the soul...

and you’ve got a friend by your side for everything in between. 

That's the thing though: you can do both.

You can implement strategy and step-by-step systems that will  make you more profitable without completely selling out on your purpose. 

You can do work that feels fantastic, raises your self-esteem, and gets you rockin' like the boss you are—AND actually know what to DO with that newly aligned vibe.  

Furthermore, you can work with a coach who helps you prioritize balance
and mindfulness in your business—by creating avenues for your passion & creativity while helping you maintain best practices for your profitability. 

And most importantly...

If you want to build & grow a coaching business that succeeds, you’ve got to generate revenue where you are, right now. Which—most likely—isn’t with a huge online following.

Leading with an online offer you can't leverage without the online infrastructure in place will keep you in a tailspin thinking you're not meant to do this. Hogwash. 

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You're meant to do this.
You just need a better way.

“Jen cuts through all the bologna that so many so-called experts are spouting to give you concrete strategies.”

Amanda felt like she’d failed—the fact that she even needed a coach had her feeling like she wasn’t a success. But she needed a coach. Enter Jen: and the permission to put one foot in front of the other and follow the steps to build a successful business.


Made $200K+ in her 1st year

Yes, It Really Works

Are you ready to write your very own success story?

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“Jen is different from anything else out there. She teaches a modality of business building that actually works.”

Laura was facing the most difficult season of her life: she was leaving a role she’d been in for nearly two decades … and being a fashion designer was central to her identity. “Without Jen, I’d probably still be in that job,” she laughed.


went from 2 to 10 clients

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“I could hardly pay the bills until Jen helped me turn all of that around and now my business is thriving”

Simply put, Dawnmarie was stuck—after once receiving the advice to never charge more than $150/hour, she was stuck in a rut labeled “Who do I think I am to charge that much?” resulting in an overwhelmingly unstable financial situation as a fledgling coach.


scaled her business by 7x

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Frequently asked

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I’ve been in business for years, but I’m hitting a wall—can you help me?

Totally! In fact, with a few years of experience under your belt, you likely have more insight into your business than you might think. I’ll help you unearth the good stuff that’s worth keeping, and toss out what needs to go. Then, together we’ll create a plan to move you forward with the business you’ve worked so hard to build.

I don’t want to do all this “online” stuff—will you teach me how to build a coaching business offline?

I love where your head is at! Because profit needs to come first, especially when you're just starting out.  In the startUP phase of my programs, I teach new coaches how to close high ticket sales in the fastest way possible—IRL. After that initial in-person meeting, all sessions can be hosted virtually. If you’re content sticking there, you’ve got my permission to do what feels right for you! 

I want to build an online PROGRAM—there’s more freedom in it! Can I skip one-on-one coaching and just build a course or membership? 

This desire is so understandable, but no. The coaching model that actually gets you OFF the ground is built on a solid profit-first foundation—one where your first several 1:1, high-ticket clients help determine your niche and prove it across a dozen or so more clients. Then (and only then) do I recommend to scale to an online business model ... so it actually works! 

Find & Connect With High Value  Clients

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