Scouring the internet trying to piece together how to grow your coaching business?

yes, even coaches need a coach.

(Ain't nobody got time for that.)

hello there!

I’m a coach for coaches—just like doctors need doctors, and counselors need their own counselor: we all need someone to help check our blindspotsshift our thought patterns, and simply get unstuck.

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My 7-Step Mini-Course includes 8 video modules + PDF guide to closing high ticket coaching clients by connecting with your perfect prospects in-person.

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It’s time for hands-on strategic coaching to help you sell your services with a productive & confident outlook for your career.

But as good as you are at coaching others to turn a profit from their soul-filling destiny… 

… you’re not 100% certain you can do the same for yourself. 
(Scratch that, you’re 100% certain you can’t.)

Being a coach isn’t just about giving good advice– it’s about seeking it out, too. 

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You already know how to coach, but that’s just part of the equation.

Because to run a business, you need to know a few other things, too.

I had no idea how to find my first client when I started my business nearly a decade ago: it just wasn’t taught in any of my educational programs. 

Without a clear roadmap to set up the business itself, and most importantly, how to get clients right away to allow you to keep building your career, it’s no wonder most aspiring coaches throw in the towel after just one year “in business.”

You need a mentor who understands
coaching and  business.  

Most education for coaches revolves around the actual craft of coaching— which is important … 

but it’s the business side of things—selling your services, charging your worth, and protecting yourself from burnout—that makes all the difference. 

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Whether you’re at the startUP phase, building your coaching business from the ground up starting with your very first client …

I’ll help you create a game plan, and execute it with accountability. 

the rampUP  phase where group coaching programs or masterminds can help you increase your revenue with your current bandwidth … 

Or ready to scaleUP from the ceiling on your time and personalized services to the unlimited potential of online courses and more …


I'm here to help you navigate the path.

It’s time to get over the hump—to move beyond what’s holding you back—and move forward with the sustainable, profitable coaching business you’ve been dreaming about.

that's where I come in.

Mental clarity

You’ve got a lot of competing ideas swirling around in that head of yours. Plenty of them are good—but some need the boot. Let’s do the hard work to align your soul with your goals and get you on track.

sales strategy

Until you start making real money, you haven’t quite got a business. I’ll help you put a repeatable, easy-to-execute process in place to find & close clients to fill your roster & build toward replacing your previous salary 1x, 2x or 10x—dream big, why don’t ya!

professional accountability

It’s easy to get bogged down in the business of things—or worse yet just ignore it. When you’re your own boss, it’s hard to give yourself a kick in the pants. I’ll hear you out, bounce ideas around, and call you out depending on what you need.










where to next?

After 33 years as a self-professed wanderer, I found my calling by circling back to my original love of existential and behavioral psychology—and matching it with my professional sales skills that helped me build a coaching client base from day 1.

meet jennifer

I’ve developed a three-phase framework for building a coaching career from the ground up … like seriously, from zero clients and no idea where to start to a thriving, profitable, multi 6+-figure coaching empire.

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i wish this was over coffee, but...

Whichever phase of business you’re in— let’s get you on your road to success.


Getting started truly is the hardest part. It’s your make it or break it moment—I get it. I had no idea where to find my first clients, but my sales experience helped me find & close enough clients to fill my roster right away. I’ll teach you to confidently sell your services to build your coaching business from your very first high-ticket client.


One thing I know for sure: your niche chooses you—not the other way around. Once you’ve had 10-12 clients, it’ll be obvious the direction your business needs to go, and you can leverage your time (and multiply your income) by developing and offering a group coaching program in addition to your 1:1 offers.


It’s time to grow your business by adding employees to your team, and ​​turning live group coaching programs and launches on evergreen. By transforming your now perfected group program (you know, the one that’s been validated by dozens) into a $1K online course, it can be sold passively and scaled.

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Mark Montgomery | Amplified Dynamics

“Jen helped us to set our future free  by helping us make the things that are in our hearts come to fruition.

“It's pretty amazing when you have someone who not only understands our business,  but also understands our humanity and personhood alongside our goals, dreams,  and personalities.”

Find & Connect With High Value  Clients

get the 7-step mini-course

My 7-step Connect & Close Mini-Course includes 8 video modules + my PDF guide to closing high ticket coaching clients by connecting with your perfect prospects in-person.

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