AMANDA - The Get-Past It Go-Getter

Amanda – The Get-Past It Go-Getter

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Amanda Kaufman
Executive Coach

Amanda felt like she’d failed—the fact that she even needed a coach had her feeling like she wasn’t a success. But she needed a coach. Enter Jen: and the permission and freedom to finally get beyond her mental roadblocks that were keeping her stuck to put one foot in front of the other and follow the steps to build a successful business. 

Amanda’s leap from the corporate world came when she realized she was on a path she didn’t want to be on—her success story was paved right in front of her. Only problem, it wasn’t the path she wanted to be on. She wanted to create something more sustainable and personal, but she needed a coach who could take her corporate background and build on it. Other coaches hadn’t given her any sort of easy-to-follow game plan. 

Her big ideas and her past successes made her believe her dream was possible—but her “what do I do next?” mental fog and the debt she was racking up without bringing in any clients were making her feel like a failure. She needed a coach that helped her break down her big ideas and actually start building.