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most aspiring coaches quit within their first year.

If you’re going to start your own coaching business, you might as well get it right the first time. 

I was a self-proclaimed wanderer … I’d traveled the world,  worked odd jobs, and seemingly done everything I could to find my calling,
and build a life that was actually fulfilling & financially stable.

(Spoiler alert: That took a while … and a few—okay, several—wrong turns along the way.) 

Then one day—when an interview turned into me coaching the interviewer—it all clicked: I could make good money using my psychology degree, and turn my knack for helping friends and dating fixer-uppers into an actual career. 

my story

Let's go back to the beginning, shall we?

At age 16, I had THE spiritual awakening that changed the trajectory of my life. 

Started bingeing all things self-development, metaphysical, esoteric … meditating half the day, reading and rereading The Life of Yogananda, anything by Joseph Campbell and practically memorizing Ivanyla Vanzant wayyy before her and Oprah became besties

Graduated high school & decided not to pursue professional ballet … *Finally* got to eat cookies & chop off my hair.

Okay, so that *kind of* oversimplifies things … 





Graduated from Seattle University with a B.A. in Psychology and spent my senior year studying abroad in Australia.

Wanted to find a job that built on my love of writing: after freelancing for a few different publications, I got hired full-time as the Art & Entertainment editor of the local weekly paper in Boise, Idaho where I grew up.

Moved to Rome, Italy and became a tour guide (Really taking that whole “You are a guide” thing literally.) Led  tourists thru the Vatican and ancient city... learning Italian in the best way possible—over aperitivo dating a Giancarlo here, Massimo there.

Had a quarter life crisis after being fired from the paper when the owners divorced and having my heart broken twice - so I set off to walk the Camino de Santiago, a 6-week trek across Northern Spain that is a spiritual pilgrimage Catholics and pagans alike have been making for millenia. 

“You are a Guide.” - the ONLY clairaudient thing I have ever heard in my life while crossing an especially scenic mountain pass on the Camino. It was as real as if someone was right next to me and I whirled around to see who’d spoken even though I knew no one was there. 






Did several odd jobs in the film industry to make ends meet, but could barely rub two cents together.

Fell into a depression, and turned to YouTube looking for healing—discovered ASMR and clearings thru the cherished practitioner I use to this day.

Had that lightbulb moment I mentioned above and applied for the master's program where I’d earn my M.A. in Spiritual Psychology.

Got a job at Nordstrom selling shoes, and started dating my now-husband for the second time.

Halfway through my program, I created a Squarespace website and some sad makeshift business cards at FedEx and pretty much stopped there as I had zero knowledge of how to get the business started.

Super hung up on, “Who am I to be a coach?”

Moved to LA to be closer to my family—after all, I knew I loved Europe perhaps a bit too much and might never leave. 

early 2014






Started going to networking events, terrified at heart, practicing what I was going to say over and over in the car on my way there. Got recommended to a good mixer and to offer complimentary sessions, did mass amounts of energy work on myself beforehand, attracted several prospects … and immediately closed my first client.

Took opportunities to speak wherever I could, kept closing clients, put in my two weeks because my day job was clearing keeping me poor. 

Never looked back, made over $100K that year.

Graduated with an M.A. in Spiritual Psychology and while my peers were just beginning to think about building a coaching career (and hiring me to help them because I was very vocal about my success) …

… I was making a few mistakes of my own: namely burning the candle at both ends, planning online programs and international retreats I had no business promoting at this point in my career. 

fall 2014




My niche working with other coaches became loud & clear. I hadn’t known what I was doing right until I started working with coach after coach and I could start to see the universal hangups and strategic disasters the majority tend to make and why- and I finally understood why my instant success was a bit of an anomaly.

Got engaged to my now husband! 

Planned & hosted (assembling & managing a team of experts for the first time!) a fairytale 3-day wedding weekend in the Redwoods and Santa Cruz.

With my bank account in a bit of jeopardy— I tripled my rates and ironically sold MORE. With a hard-earned 100% close rate, it was beyond time to move my biz online.



Started living a bit like a mad professor (hello giant sticky notes up the staircase of our LA home?!) creating my first ~air quotes~ “course” by attempting to pack 4 years of knowledge into one succinct syllabus. 

Hired the team I needed to roll it out to the world, taking months to get photos, branding, web design, in order … and … 




After a quick 10-day jaunt to Switzerland for a much-needed break & celebration of my husband’s 40th …  I returned home feeling crappy & tired … SURPRISE — we were pregnant! 

Hit go on our evergreen funnel, breaking even after ad spends & agency fees, and even turning a profit on the back end from 1:1 coaching. But “build it as you go” is BAD advice. At 7 months pregnant, I was exhausted and the work had only just begun. 

December 13, 2019 — our bundle of joy arrives promptly on his due date. 

After 3ish months of maternity leave, I was ready to jump back in the game … when COVID hit. 

With the pandemic taking most of life online, my core principles of “meet your clients in real life” and “build your practice offline first” were pretty much impossible. 

So I finally got to take that sabbatical I didn’t realize I needed—plus, babies don’t keep. 





The major revelation from my online-building years (and the clarity & perspective my sabbatical gave me) …

Sometimes you learn your greatest lessons by doing things wrong the first time around BUT it doesn’t have to be that way.

So … this is where I find my purpose: helping YOU get it right.




It’s an honor to meet you.

After earning my bachelors in psychology, I found myself disillusioned with the industry and set off instead to travel the world—I lived in Italy for five years, then moved to LA where I had a lightbulb moment at the intersection of needing a job that paid the bills and interviewing at my uncle’s car dealership. Yikes.

When he mentioned he’d lost a great salesman to a 6-figure job offer as a coach, I realized I could make a LOT of money basically just being myself, doing what I was already naturally doing (for free!) on a daily basis.

hi, i'm jennifer

After that plot twist, I earned my master's in spiritual psychology and built my very own dream career helping others create fulfilling & profitable coaching businesses.

When I’m not coaching, you can find me traveling with my family, sneaking off to the ballet (my first love!), and interpreting my toddler’s occasionally incoherent speech.

“Jen’s programs helped me to understand why certain things I did in the past in my business either worked or led to disaster,
which is immensely healing.”

Amanda Jacqueline | Intuitive Coach

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There are too many coaches out there getting bad business advice.

You’ve been sold a lie if you think you can start your coaching business by building a website, paying a designer to make you a fancy logo, and marketing your services on social media. 

That’s simply not a recipe for success.

Instead, I’ll help you build a strong foundation to sell your services, define your niche, scale your business model, and more, helping you pave your own path toward replacing & multiplying your previous salary— and finding freedom (and fulfillment) from your coaching career. 

one thing that really irks me:

Sound like what you need?

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Kim Polinder | Life Coach and Energy Healer

In the beginning, I was very uncomfortable promoting myself and communicating the value of my services to potential clients.

“When I first started working with Jen, I was looking to her for guidance on how to grow my coaching practice. I had zero experience in sales, let alone marketing myself and my practice.

Jen was masterful and highly effective in getting me to own my skills and gifts, and now I find it easy to talk about my business in a confident, authentic, and heart-felt manner.”