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If you’re just starting out—and even if you’re not— there are two things that need your focus:

your money & your mindset

(Note, I didn’t say your marketing.)

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As coaches, we often want to focus on helping people even when they haven’t paid us, and that’s totally admirable, but if you want a business that lasts,  you’ve got to make sure you’re set up for real success. 

Your Fastest Way to $100K

How to get coaching clients immediately without a niche, online following, or disposable income.

Secure your standing in this industry by building on a solid financial foundation

This in-depth masterclass  teaches my formula for coaches to have the highest impact in the shortest amount of time.

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If you don’t work through the mental & financial roadblocks that are holding you back, you can’t build, grow, or scale your coaching business beyond where you are now.


Because, ahem, you don't have to wait penniless till you build an online audience to get paying clients.

I may be singing a different tune than you’re used to hearing from marketing and business coaches who teach you to build your following first—but I teach what I’ve seen work for my own business, and for dozens of clients, in many different niches. 

I’ll help you build a reputable, trustworthy coaching business offline first, letting your niche find YOU (not the other way around) and then scaling to an online model to prevent burnout and increase long-term profitability.

my coaching programs

coachUP Group Coaching

My 12-week group coaching programs are geared specifically toward your current phase of business (startUP, rampUP, or scaleUP) and include comprehensive step-by-step guidance with a community of peers to support your accelerated success. Students have lifetime access to the online curriculum, archive of live sessions and resource bank. Enrollment is currently open.



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Where Soul Meets Goal Membership

A monthly membership for coaches to experience the power of energy work and connect in community with other coaches. The curriculum includes energetic clearings and EFT tapping on diverse monthly themes specific to coaching careers. The membership is intended to function as an energetic “workout” for the coach’s subconscious—to supercharge their goals by aligning them with their soul. Membership does not include business development coaching.

coming in 2023

1:1 Private Coaching

Since scaling my business to include The UP Series and my Where Soul Meets Goal Membership, I offer private coaching on a limited basis.
Options to work with me as your 1-on-1 business coach include VIP days where we meet for 8 action-packed hours, 4-month programs, or full-year long programs. 


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Whichever phase of business you’re in— let’s get you on your road to success.


Getting started truly is the hardest part. It’s your make it or break it moment—I get it. I had no idea where to find my first clients, but my sales experience helped me find & close enough clients to fill my roster right away. I’ll teach you to confidently sell your services to build your coaching business from your very first high-ticket client.


One thing I know for sure: your niche chooses you—not the other way around. Once you’ve had 10-12 clients, it’ll be obvious the direction your business needs to go, and you can leverage your time (and multiply your income) by developing and offering a group coaching program in addition to your 1:1 offers.


It’s time to grow your business by adding employees to your team, and ​​turning live group coaching programs and launches on evergreen. By transforming your now perfected group program (you know, the one that’s been validated by dozens) into a $1K online course, it can be sold passively and scaled.

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You want to make a living offering highly valuable coaching services for your clients.

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You aren’t afraid of real-talk and elbow grease. I’m going to ask you to be honest with yourself and put in the work. 

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You're open to the idea that you don't know what you don't know ... but you DO know that flying blind and flying solo is not a good strategy for something as important as a major career change. 

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You understand the energy you bring to your career affects your potential for success, and you’re ready to be the most powerful version of yourself for your clients & your business.

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Dawnmarie Presley | Hypnotherapist

After working with Jen, my income was 7x what it was the year before.

“I was struggling as a hypnotherapist and coach for 8 years. My skills were excellent and my results even more so, but I could hardly pay the bills.  Jen helped me turn all of that around and now my business is thriving. 

She knows her stuff! She helped me correct the psychology, clear the energy fields  around my business and money, and shed beliefs of lack and scarcity. She is bold, intuitive, and delivers the transformation. ”

Not sure what you need—or which phase of business you’re really in? No worries.. 

Take the quiz that helps you self-audit your coaching business  and figure out your next step. 

Don’t replace your past frustrations at your J.O.B. with new burnout hustling in a million different directions now …

Map out your success story by following my step-by-step process for  your phase of business.

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