How To Get Coaching Clients Immediately Without:

This one-hour per day challenge teaches my formula for coaches to have the greatest impact in the shortest amount of time.

your fastest way to $100k


June 1st - 3rd

for new and aspiring coaches

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I closed my first client within 48 hours of starting this program! Jen cuts through all the bologna that so many so-called experts are spouting to give you concrete strategies. With this training, you can dispense with the madness and distraction that most marketers are hollering about.

Amanda Kaufman

Made $200K+ in her 1st year

Jen is different from anything else out there. She teaches a modality of business building that actually works. This training helped me take my business from 2 clients to a full roster of 10, but more importantly, it helped me see my role in the transformations my clients experienced.

Laura Foster

Went from 2 to 10 clients

 I’m getting to experience first hand WHY your approach works so well and it really gives me confidence in utilizing what you’ve been teaching. Out of all the many overwhelming ads regarding these kinds of topics, I am so so glad I resonated most with you and went forward with this. 

Ciscandra Nostalghia

Made $12K in her 2nd week

in just 3 days...

Secure your standing in this industry by building on a solid financial foundation.

You'll walk  away having completed:

Apply the Fastest Path to Cash Business Model to fit your practice.

Day 01

Nail your program's pricing using Incentive Rate Mastery.

Day 02

Create your Numbers Game 3-Month Map to replace the 'fingers crossed method' of filling your roster.

Day 03

I like to kick things off by diving straight into the deep end (!) So in this training, we take the guesswork out of how to go from zero revenue starting from scratch—to 7-figure coach by learning what offers and marketing methods to focus on and WHY … in each PHASE of your career. 

After this hour together, in a word: RELIEF 

It all comes down to money hitting your bank account asap (!) In this training we break down how to price your 1:1 high ticket coaching programs to sell FOR you, creating incentivized rate structures for urgency and longer programs (aka, less clients for more money and impact).

After this training, in a word: EXCITEMENT

When your mind understands the logic of something, guess what it does?! It takes action! In this training we reveal ‘where the clients are at’ so we can create a plan you’ll actually IMPLEMENT to go out and close ‘em.

After this session, in a word: CONFIDENCE

It can make you feel crazy for wanting to pursue this career, wonder if you really might be crazy for actually going for it,  but—best of all—it can make you think how crazy it is that this is what you get to do with your life.

The coaching industry can be crazy.

You’ve spent all this time learning to help people find breakthrough & growth,  developing your skills to help others problem-solve, shift their mindset,  and chart their course to a better, happier, healthier, and more successful life.

The only problem? You wish you could do the same for yourself.

Where do I even find clients?

How can I get experience without clients?

How can I charge them when I don't have any experience?

How do I pay my bills without charging?

You’re stuck in a spiral of (unhelpful) thoughts:

Most days the biggest thing holding you back is wondering how to actually make money as a professional coach.

Yikes. Stop the train, you want off

Wash. Rinse. Repeat.

 You’ve got people to help and a calling to fulfill— and there’s (good) money to be made.

Most coaches quit before they’ve even completed a full year in the biz. Why? Because they can’t seem to crack the code for setting up a profitable, sustainable business as a professional coach.

that's where I come in:

Sure, Jen—of course you do. (I heard the eye roll.) 

And before you second guess me...

You’ve seen the other advice out there—it’s not very good.  That’s why I teach an entirely different approach.

No online following, no niche, & no disposable income?

In fact, I like it that way. I actually think it’s the right way of doing things. 

No problem.

YUP! I'M IN! →

I’ll teach you how to break the SIX-FIGURE MARK fast:

Here's How it Will Work:

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May 31st

Complete your Mindset Homework (delivered via email) to prep yourself for the challenge content that starts tomorrow! 

Wednesday //

june 1st

• Challenge Day 1 Email delivers by 9 am EST/6 am PST - Read it & sit with your thoughts! 

• Live one-hour teaching from Jen on Developing Your Fastest Path to Cash business model.  

Your Action Steps: Watch the 10 min mini-course of the 7-Step Discovery Sequence 

• Your mindset shift delivers by 6pm EST to help you prepare for tomorrow.

Thursday //

june 2nd

• Challenge Day 2 - Check your email & write down any questions for later!

• Live one-hour teaching on Incentive Rate Mastery

Your Action Steps: Create your premium package rate sheet —without stressing & obsessing.

• Your mindset shift delivers by 6pm EST to help you prepare for tomorrow. 

Friday //

june 3rd

• Challenge Day 3 - Review your homework from the first two days & make note of final questions!

• Live one-hour teaching: It’s a Numbers Game (Your 3-Month Map to Where the Clients are at!)

Your Action Steps: Map out your custom numbers game to take the guesswork out of client acquisition

• Complete your final mindset shift.

You feel like coaching is your calling, but need to know the steps that will help you make it into a profitable career.

You’re just starting out—and want to lay a strong foundation for your coaching practice. 

You’re already working as a coach, but the numbers just aren’t adding up & you can’t seem to get any momentum. 

You’re struggling to see a way out of your current career—right now, the salary is safe, the benefits are cushy, and even if you wish you were coaching, you prefer the security where you are now. 

This challenge is FOR YOU if:


For nearly a decade, I was a self-professed wanderer, searching for meaning & purpose in my career—and always feeling like I didn’t have enough money. 

a note from jennifer

(Scratch that—it wasn’t a feeling—I truly wasn’t bringing in enough money to make ends meet.)

And, then it clicked. I knew my purpose was coaching—but I didn’t know you could make a good living helping people. When I paired my background in sales with my psychology education—I found my path. Now it’s my purpose to help other coaches find theirs. 

here's what i know:

You can do this—and pay your bills, and have a life beyond your career, and actually thrive doing work you love.

There is a defined path toward profit, and I can show you the way.

Coaching is profitable, meaningful work that doesn’t have to be rooted in social media, vanity metrics, or a constant hustle for enough


Let’s get off the self-doubt express—and get you on your way to six-figure success!